Consulting / Consultation

Sue is available for speaking engagements and consultation.

Sue has a varied and extensive background in education, health and psychotherapy.

  • A current board member of the Animal Assisted Therapy Chapter of the Canadian Psychotherapy Association and is a Pro-EFW certification candidate.
  • Former member of The Physical Education Council of Provinces and Territories and the president of Physical Education BC for ten years.
  • While in graduate school, Sue developed a Walking to Wellness program that she continues to facilitate in her community, connecting individuals with community members and local trails while learning strategies to understand and improve their mental health.
  • Sue has been a dynamic educator for over thirty years, specializing in working with at-risk youth and marginalized populations.
  • Guest speaker and presenter at the local, provincial and national level for various organizations including Canadian Mental Health, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, PHE Canada, Canadian Diabetes Association, British Columbia Teacher’s Federation, UBC Medical Program, Friendship Centres and others.

If you are interested in having Sue work with your group, please email or call 250-564-9892 for availability and rates.