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Sue's CBC Now or Never Appearance
NOV 3, 2023

October 5, 2023 - CBC Now or Ever

Sue was a guest on the CBC podcast, Now or Never (aired October 5, 2023).

"A therapy session with Sue MacDonald, a registered clinical counsellor, might mean walking among cows in the farmer's field outside her office. 

Or talking through problems while strolling side by side along a forest path in Prince George, B.C. 

And don’t worry. Sue always carries bear spray, just in case.

She offers walk and talk therapy, an approach that’s gaining ground. 

Sessions combine traditional therapy with outdoor walking, taking advantage of the benefits of nature, and the connection between our minds and bodies. 

Sue says walk and talk therapy gives clients the chance to use their senses and stay grounded, while working through anxiety, worry, and stress."

You can listen to the whole episode here:
Where is Your Walk Taking You - CBC Now or Never