Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and  talk therapy is another popular option available for my clients. Simply put, it is a practice therapy that combines traditional psychotherapy with outdoor walking at a pace determined by the client. As a hands-on professional with over 30 years in the physical education and health field, I  have a strong belief in the connection between our minds and bodies. I have led many walking and running groups in the outdoors for individuals of all ages.  Additionally, the focus of my counselling graduate thesis was the development of an ecotherapeutic walking manual  for mental health professionals.

While your reason for exploring this type of counselling service may be as simple as feeling more comfortable being shoulder to shoulder exploring your feelings,  the additional benefits are numerous including learning the practicing of mindfulness as a coping skill, a decrease in anxiety levels, reaping the benefits of being in nature as well as  an opportunity to get some exercise into your day!

Let’s talk and see if this may be an option for you!

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Questions and answers about Walk and Talk Therapy:

Walk and Talk Therapy FAQ's

Fees may be reimbursed by extended health benefits plans, depending on your plan coverage. Please consult your benefits package to find out details on how much is covered, and the required credentials of the professional. Check and see if your extended health benefits cover the services of a registered clinical counsellor.

Yes, I do. If you would like to be added to the list for upcoming sessions, send me a message here.

I can certainly help you by sharing some suggestions, schedules and tips to include more walking safely  into your life but I am your counsellor first. I am happy to refer you to a personal trainer if you are looking for more detailed information.

I am game to go most weather, but if it is extremely inclement or unsafe, we will reschedule, change to a phone or a skype session or move the session indoors.

No - comfortable  clothes and appropriate athletic type shoes are best. Dressing for weather conditions is advisable too.

It is more challenging to assure confidentiality in a non traditional setting, but I will do my best to do so through venue and route choice. If one of sees somebody we know, we will casually say hi and keep going. As far as anyone knows, we are just two people walking and talking!

If you have been seeing a doctor recently for serious medical issues, medical clearance is advisable. There is some additional paperwork if you wish to take part in walk and talk therapy and we will determine a plan ahead of time that meets your needs safely.

The pace of the walk is determined by the client. Having worked in the field for many years, I am confident I can personalize the session based on your fitness level.

Not much except the fact we are not in a traditional office setting and are walking side by side outdoors. The exact same therapeutic work can be done outside as inside.