On The Ground

Throughout my entire career, I have always prided myself in my ability to meet people on the ground, where they are at and walk alongside them in their journey. 

I work from a person-centred perspective in which I support, encourage, and challenge my clients in a respectful, kind, compassionate manner. I truly believe that people are the experts in their own lives.  I am committed to helping you connect with your inner and outer strength, so you leave counselling with greater confidence, resilience, and self-awareness. 

Sometimes in collaboration with my clients, I will also utilize animal assisted psychotherapy or walk and talk therapy in conjunction with the more traditional talk therapy approach to help them reach their therapeutic goals.


Why choose a Registered Clinical Counsellor?

Every person who receives the ‘RCC’ counselling designation in British Columbia has met specific educational and training criteria required by the BCACC. What’s more, our RCC members have not only met the academic, clinical competence and professional requirements, they have voluntarily committed themselves to practice according to an ethical code of conduct and standards of practice.




A primary barrier for Emergency Workers accessing mental healthcare lies in finding a clinician that adequately understands their unique world and stressors. This endorsement signifies a clinician who has undergone specialized training in working with First Responders.

~BC Professional Firefighters Association

A counsellor who has undergone Walk and Talk training is skilled in incorporating nature as co-therapist in a safe and ethical manner. They have also undergone advanced training in risk assessment and problem solving and in doing so, can personalize the experience in a manner that will meet the individual needs of their clients.

~Creative Counsellors


Animal Assisted Therapy

Very few people can resist petting an adorable puppy or snuggling a kitten...


Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy is another popular option available for my clients. 


Traditional Counselling

I feel the combination of my education, life experience and specialized training enables me to provide professional, personalized and knowledgable care for all my clients.